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Shenzhen Yongchang Zhixingfeng Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014, is focused on the cable waterproof connector professional research and development, production, sales integration of the strength of manufacturers, The company mainly specializes in the production of waterproof connector, waterproof shielding connector, LED waterproof plug, new energy vehicle waterproof connector, kitchen and bathroom waterproof male female connector, solar street lamp quick connection waterproof plug, floor heating waterproof three-way connector, plant lamp waterproof connector, electronic cable, power waterproof line and other products. In addition to the products are widely used in LED outdoor lighting lamps, such as all kinds of outdoor fence lights, projection lights, wall washing lights; Soft light strip, hard light strip; All kinds of underwater lights, LED street lights, solar lights; All kinds of outdoor lamps and lanterns controller and all kinds of massager, all kinds of induction sanitary ware and so on! It is also used in electric heating, automobile wiring harness, ship, security, 5G communication, rail transit, construction, environmental protection machinery, medical equipment, animal and plant breeding and other industries. Products adhering to the requirements of high quality control, using fire retardant, cold resistance, high temperature resistance, UV resistance materials, waterproof power performance is good, fast and easy to install.Respect for partners, carry forward the spirit of the group, the courage to innovate and develop, people-oriented is the management philosophy of all staff. We sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to visit, negotiate, cooperate and develop together.

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